The Shire of Oakford was originally a canton of the Barony of Redspears. At some point it split away. The name was approved by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, Jaelle of Armida, in October of 1997 and the device was approved in April of 1998. After the turn of the millenium the office of Sensechal was donated to Sgt. Griffen of Redspears. With the tenure of Piotr Zavilov the shire became once again part of the Barony of Redspears.

In 2013 meetings were taking place in Norwalk at the Veteran's Memorial Lake Park. Regular meetings and growth of the populace took place. The Legion of the Nightmare was active in Oakford and most were members of Oakford and the household. As winter approached, the meetings were moved to Clarksfield where they could be held indoors for the winter. Guillaume Gallatini and Angelique de La Rochelle made their Barn available, with the help of Piotr, a temporary winter meeting place was provided (and it almost had heat). The group continued to experience growth. At Yule Feast, the Shire of Oakford became a Canton of Red Spears. Much celebration ensued!

In 2014, meetings moved outdoors again between the park in Norwalk and Clarksfield. Angelique and Guillaume setup a permanent archery range at their place in Clarksfield so regular archery practices were held. Plenty of space for Rapier and Armored combat was available as well. There were regular visits of members from other groups within Red Spears at the meetings. Many new friendships were made, life was good in Oakford. Merlin (Ambrosius Philius Merlinus) from Eastwatch was very active with the group, coming over for weekends to teach and enjoy fellowship. Merlin was made an honorary member of Oakford (for all his help and fellowship) and recognized within the group as a Master in archery. Grief strikes, Merlin passes away, much sadness, but from dispair came inspiration. Oakford decided to hold an annual event in honor of Merlin, "Merlin's Merry Minions."
Winter came and meetings were moved back indoors, however the group was large enough to need just a little more space than the barn, so the Clarksfield Community Center was secured for the winter meetings (it had plenty of space, heat, nice tables and chairs, a kitchen, and no dirt floor).

The spring of 2015 saw a successful first event. People were in attendance from all over. There was enough attendance that all costs were covered!!! Regular meetings were primarily in Clarksfield with a few being held in Norwalk. Ayla Volquin and Piotr Zavilov found this nice herb farm where the owners were interested in the middle ages. They hold an annual event in June and it was Medieval themed. Oakford attended on the Sunday of the event and did a small demo. As winter approached meetings were moved to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, Oh. They provided a warm place for winter meetings.

Meetings continued to be held at the herb farm. Due to scheduling issues, Merlin's Merry Minions was put on hold for 2016. A small demo was held at the herb farm's "May Day" celebration event in May. A BIG demo was in the planning to be done at the herb farm's June event. The demo had many in attendance from all over the Red Spears populace to help with showing the best of the SCA. The whole event was medieval themed and attendance was good. New contacts made and even a new member or two were found. Society wide, long term officers were thanked for their long service, asked to open their positions and to help find replacements for themselves. Piotr's last official meeting as Seneschal was Oct. 30th. Isabella Grey (Isba) took the leadership position on Nov.27th and provides stabilty and continuation for the group. She set a limit to her tenure, a replacement needs to be found by Baron Wars XIX. ORCS was formed and performed at Yule Feast.

A year of change... As goes with all things in life, change is inevitable. Events happen, not to be detailed, however more change was in the air. Just before Baron Wars XIX, in what seemed to be uncertain times for Oakford, a leader steps forward to take on the challenge, Torstein Aricson. Having previously been the Deputy Seneschal and Pursuivant for the group, he was willing to take over and lead the group. Oakford is now under the leadership of Torstein Aricson.

Shire of Oakford

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