Archery, in our period of study was at times a major military tool and throughout an extremely useful hunting tool. Practicing was an ongoing pastime in some countries mandated by the crown. We try to bring some of the thrill of shooting to the S.C.A. by holding championship shoots, and regular practices. We shoot with long bows, Cross bows, recurves, Mongolian horse bows, or any sort of bow that was used prior to 1600 A.D. We do not use sighting aids and only use wood shafted arrows for competitions. We shoot regularly at the following distances, 20, 30, and 40 yards, and sometimes we even shoot the clout; a long range 100 yard shoot. We maintain a Marshallate whose function is to ensure range safety as determined by the Society and Kingdom Law. This is something that is taken very seriously as archery can be very dangerous to someone on the wrong end of an arrow, or to someone who does not properly understand their equipment. However, young children can be taught how to safely shoot and have fun at it. Knives and axes fall into a category know as Thrown Weapons. If the proper marshal is available we do this too.
Combat archery and seige weapons such as ballista and trebuchets are used in our combat tournements. Those have their own rules and safety requirements.

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