Arts and Sciences are a primary activity within the S.C.A. We are in fact obligated to do educational activities to maintain our organization's status as a tax exempt 501c. What is do we do? Any art or science that was undertaken in our period is fair game to explore as long as it does not involve dangerous or restricted materials, (e.g. toxic pigments, poisonous herbs are forbidden. Remember we are recreating the better aspects of Medieval existence!) Some people do very serious research and have learned how to recreate the technology of making a specific type of Viking bead, other like to do more academic research writing small papers on topics of interests. We in this canton enjoy working on projects that we can do together, for example, flag making, chair making, playing cards making, etc. If we think we can do it we will give it a good try. We encourage class giving and class taking. We also encourage doing public demonstrations of what we do. (Demos as they are colloquially called can be requested by any public or private group) If there is a specific skill someone is interested we can rely on the fact that as a society there is often as not someone that has done some sort of research or effort in the area of interest. There is fact a Order of Nobility within the society that are called Laurels they have been by acclamation and demonstration of skill declared people who have mastered their art and could have lived comfortably in their period using their skill set. Alchemists